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By mmm17 
Format: Kindle™ Edition Verified Purchase

At the beginning of this pollical thriller, the Republican Party had unanimously chosen South Carolina's two-term Governor Peter Hasbrook as their nominee in an unusually non-confrontational process. This 62-year-old married man with two children and three granddaughters was to challenge President Beverly Shoemacher and retake the White House, which the Republicans had not controlled for twelve years. This task would be difficult, however, for the President had excellent approval ratings.

Unexpectedly, though, Peter collapsed while delivering his acceptance speech; he was about to announce his choice of running mate - David Aaronson, a multi-billionaire Jewish businessman. At Memphis General Hospital, the doctors first suspected he suffered a stroke, but that wasn't the case. There were rumors of foul play by the extreme right-wing members of the Republican Party, but the doctors ruled out poisoning. Anyway, Hasbrook could no longer fulfill his responsibilities as a presidential candidate, and an intricate political plot starts to unfold as his replacement is to be determined by the Republican National Committee.

There were several positives worth mentioning in this book. I liked the way this enthusiastic plot focused ostensibly on politics. It is political commentary at its finest, and fortunately, it doesn't feel self-righteous or preachy. Additionally, it also has elements of mystery and action. I felt that it had the rhythm and tone of an addictive TV series set in DC, such as House of Cards or Scandal. The dialogues are marvelous, and I found that the names of the chapters were also thoughtful and witty. I particularly enjoyed "The Rise of the Cannibals" and "A Grab for the Brass Ring." The author's masterful use of language was what I liked the most about this novel.

I also enjoyed the double games that get played by the antagonistic political forces. Several conspiracy theories get well woven into the plot by Kuhn. Through the well-developed characters, readers get an eye-opening look into the American political system, which the author seems to know very well. For instance, I appreciated the characterization of the Eberstadt brothers, two millionaires from Idaho, who fund political candidates to push the ultra-right agenda.

In closing, I rate Chaos, written by Mitchell G. Kuhn, 4 out of 4 stars. It is a well-written and fun read, and I gladly have no negatives to mention. It has a great ending that ties everything up well, with a nice hook for a sequel. If you enjoy political thrillers, you will surely like it. Readers with strong political leanings to the right might not appreciate it as much.

Fantastic Read
Format: Kindle™ Edition Verified Purchase

This is one of the best political novels I've ever read. It's fast paced with plot twists that you never expect. A real page turner. A super-fast read. I'd love to read a sequel if it's ever in the offering.

Food for Thought
By Marge 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a wild ride of plot turns that are a bit fantastical, but could happen. This does a good job of laying out how ideological factions could and do high jack our political process. It points out how difficult it is for an honest candidate who wants to run for the good of the country to get nominated without participating in the back room deals and political patronage system. If only we had candidates like the two good guys in this book.
I particularly like that strong, smart women are in positions of power in this book and, in many cases, the political wives are more savvy and intuitive than candidate husbands.

Chaos Is A Winner!
By Lynne Kane 
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Just finished reading Mitchell Kuhn's Chaos. After the opening page, I could not wait to see what other bombshells Mr. Kuhn dropped. Those readers, who are well-informed, will quickly recognize the subtly disguised characters in the book. Mr. Kuhn's intimate knowledge of behind the scenes politics is represented throughout the novel. The conclusion of the book leaves you waiting for and wanting a sequel. If you believe that fiction imitates real life, then this is the book for you!

Chaos is a timely good read
By Elizabeth McCormack 
Format: Paperback

Now is the time to pick up a copy of Mitchell Kuhn's political page-turner, since it seems to mirror the Republican party's chaos in selecting a presidential candidate. The author has superbly crafted an election campaign full of surprises, political intrigue and politicians of various stripes.
You won't be disappointed, and you'll enjoy the political education.

Bipartisan Backstage Backstabbers
By Zev 
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Chaos will grab anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes intrigues at a national political convention when the unexpected happens. Although the names are different, if you follow the news, you should be able to recognize these bipartisan backstage backstabbers. Author Mitchell Kuhn takes full advantage of his years of experience managing political campaigns to craft a timely political narrative that has more twists and turns than a snake on a switchback road.

Bipartisan Backstage Backstabbers
By barb 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A vivid look at the inside workings of the political process. Very intriguing and interesting as it relates to crafty maneuvering in Washington

Bipartisan Backstage Backstabbers
By Jeanne Carlucci 
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Well written and taught me about the nominating process, which us especially important now. Also, very entertaining. Mitch is a talented writer and I hope he continues to produce more political novels.

Bipartisan Backstage Backstabbers
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Really enjoyed reading CHAOS - very well written.

Order Chaos, a unique work of political fiction that will change your perspective on politicians.
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