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A Compelling Political Novel by Mitchell Kuhn

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A trend-setting breath of fresh air, Chaos brings fans of political fiction something new and gripping. This fast-paced novel exposes the intransigence, unyielding ideologies, and inflated egos of those who vie for power within our political system.

Chaos weaves an extraordinary tale of political intrigue and suspense that hits very close to home. Underhanded deals, surprising deaths, and disastrous internal party wars - it's just another day in the race for the presidency.

A Novel for Everyone!

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Learn what goes on in the back rooms of political power brokers and those candidates who vie to run our country in Chaos, a new political novel and ebook by author Mitchell Kuhn, in Oxford, CT. Loaded with history, suspense, political insight, and unpredictable plot twists, Chaos weaves an intriguing tale that sticks close to current events.
As a young man Mitchell Kuhn worked on and/or managed political campaigns for both Democrats and Republicans on a local, state, and national level. He served on boards of several political party organizations, and was appointed to numerous management positions with the New York City government. Mitchell is not affiliated with any political party. Now retired, he enjoys being able to put his insider thoughts to paper, sharing them with other people and stimulating thought.
He hopes that his readers will realize that our system is breaking, and understand what is transpiring as a result of internal party wars in the selection of candidates that run for office. His book, Chaos, encourages you to take an interest in the American political system for both your own benefit and the benefit of the country.

Order Chaos, a unique work of political fiction that will change your perspective on politicians.
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