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Fascinating Political Fiction, or is it Reality?

Discover a new understanding of the electoral process with Chaos, a new political novel and ebook by author Mitchell Kuhn, in New Haven, CT. Readers who enjoy politcal fiction and unexpected plot twists, political junkies addicted to today's political party wars, and students of American government will enjoy this fast paced novel.

Chaos Is Unfolding Now before Our Very Eyes
Author Mitchell KuhnChaos shines a laser at the heart of American politicians vying for the presidency. It exposes their intransigence, unyielding ideology, and inflated egos. Readers are brought into their inner sanctums, observing the maneuvering of the power brokers and witnessing firsthand how deals are made. Relationships and interactions between candidates and their supporters, as well as those among the candidates themselves lead them into a cacophony of events whose consequences change the dynamics of our political system.

Chaos, is available in eBook format for just $3.99 from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble™, KOBO, Amazon and  Apple™. It is also available in classic paperback format from Barnes & Noble and Amazon™ for $14.00.

Order Chaos, a unique work of political fiction that will change your perspective on politicians.
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