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Also by Mitchell Kuhn

The Sound of Sirens

The Sound of Sirens is a humorous tale told by the primary character Mike Chandler a recently retired business executive, who after a long stressful career found peace and solace playing on his computer and/or watching television.

His wife Helen feels isolated in their large suburban home where her social life has all but disappeared as a result of their life long friends relocating to various retirement communities around the country.

Mike is dead set against such a move, viewing it as a giant step closer to the grave. Mike and Helen struggle to come to a mutually agreeable solution spending countless hours visiting one retirement community after another. Their journey takes them from Connecticut to Florida and numerous stops in between.

You guessed it. Mike finds objections everywhere and voices them non-stop to every sales agent. Then out of the blue all their plans take an unxpected turn.

Find out more at The Sound of Sirens web site.

  The Sound of Sirens

Order Chaos, a unique work of political fiction that will change your perspective on politicians.
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